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The cause and the FSC cardboard deformation with the effects of the quality

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-28
FSC gray paper in the manufacture and use, there are many factors will affect the deformation of the paper, such as physical and chemical properties of the pulp, beating technology, chemicals, and packing, the proportion of writing performance, the status of the paper machine equipment and the use of the water in the process of gain and loss will affect the paper size change. Variegated FSC paper is mainly composed of cellulose, and cellulose is strong hydrophilic material, it has a very strong water absorption and water, the paper in the storage, transport and use process, caused by the change of temperature and humidity paper moisture content changes, causing swelling and shrinkage, FSC paper moisture change caused the paper to the size change of the main reasons are: paper moisture content changes, form a ficha tecnica giant single fiber can absorb moisture expansion or lose water shrinkage, make the fiber shape change, thus causes the FSC ficha tecnica to big size changes, the FSC health combined with cardboard within hydrogen, FSC cardboard absorbing or losing water, the effect of hydrogen bond is strengthened or weakened, and fiber taut or push away from each other. FSC board, therefore, should not be under the conditions of high temperature and its water content is not production or printing, and because of the humidity balance under the condition of use, so as to improve the dimension stability of paper, generally before use, must take certain measures.
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