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The basic knowledge of use white cardboard, did you know?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-18
White cardboard is used for printing business card, envelope, certificate card, invitation and packaging decoration. White cardboard for flat paper and roll paper, mainly for its size: 880 mm * 1230 mm, 787 mm * 1032 mm. According to the quality level of white cardboard are divided into three grades A, B, C. White cardboard is relatively thick strong, quantitative is bigger, its quantitative 200 g/m2, 220 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 270 g/m2, 300 g/m2, 400 g/m2, and other specifications. White cardboard tightness is usually not less than zero. 80 g/m3, whiteness demand is higher, A, B, C three classes of whiteness is not less than 92 respectively. 0%, 87. 0%, 82. 0%. To prevent scouts, white cardboard requires A larger degree of sizing, A, B, C third-class sizing degree of not less than 1, respectively. 5毫米,1。 5 mm and 1. 0mm。 In order to keep the paper flat, white cardboard should be relatively thick strong, had a higher stiffness and resistance to break, for different grades of different quantitative white khaki have different requirements, the stiffness of the quantitative, the greater the level is higher, the greater the stiffness requirement, general longitudinal stiffness should not be less than 2. 10 - 10. 6 mn ? M, lateral stiffness should not be less than 1. 06 - 5. 30 mN? m。 A, B, C third-class burst index is not less than 2 respectively. 00KPa? m2 / g, 1。 60 KPa? M2 / g and 1. 20KPa? m2/g。 In order to ensure the printing ink uniform distribution and the appearance of the paper itself, the smoothness of not less than 20 - white card 40S。 In addition, white cardboard paper should level off, there is no spots and streaks paper disease, does not allow buckling deformation, paper fibre should be uniform, 0. 2 - 1. 5 the dust was not more than 28 / m2 ( A, etc. ) , no more than 1. 5 was of the dust. White cardboard usually takes 100% of the bleached wood pulp as raw material, the surface layer, the underlying chemical coniferous wood pulp, sulphate core layer USES the hardwood chemical mechanical pulp, pulp after beating add calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, such as packing, using AKD neutral heavy sizing, manufacture paper with pulp on the pile of paper machine net, and the calender, coating processing and become, according to the needs, through embossing processing can produce with special embossed pattern of paperboard, all with special embossed pattern of white cardboard, don't check the smoothness and whiteness. Besides white, through to the pulp dyeing, also can produce all kinds of color card, then in addition to the whiteness, other technical performance in line with the technical characteristics of the white cardboard.
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