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The appearance of the specular grey board

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-04
Now grey board paper mill are introduced a variety of different brands, we phoenix paper also follow the trend. Glossy grey board is main products, we offer a very suitable for stationery and upscale gift box packing. When we face the customer, the product quality is not just the template, we pursue the appearance of the specular grey board requirement also is what we are after. Because, only the development of the product, to stand out, attract the attention of consumers. Now, we are grey board paper factory house can introduce for everybody, we highlight the appearance of the grey board requirements, specific as follows: first, the uniform specular grey board fibre must supply, paper is not allowed to have bubbles and stratification in from under the action of external force; Secondly, the paper level off is smooth, not allowed to have serious warp, paper color each batch is not allowed to have obvious difference; Then, paper cutting edges should be neat, clean, no cracks or curve; After comparison, the outer packing should level off, not twist, the difference between the label the height of the vertical parallel to the same specifications, packaging beautiful, packaging was; To see in the face of time, if we can highlight the appearance of the grey board to promote the class a, so, can to retain the part that the face of consumers.
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