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The advantages and disadvantages of whiteboard paper do you know

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-17
Whiteboard paper strengths whiteboard paper is a kind of strong thick, quantitative large thick paper. Once upon a time was proposed based on quantitative, divided into: paper, cardboard and cardboard; Early on the Shanghai market quantitative Bai Hou paper (about 200 g/m2, Surface smooth, via the calender, stiffness is higher, there is also a person thin board) Call said, heavy paper. It is also a kind of paper. The most ordinary paperboard not colored, xi said white cardboard. If the color, according to the glorious name is get worked up paper. Is the main purpose of white cardboard, printing hand, certificate, invitation CARDS, envelopes, in calendar, postal card and so on. Whiteboard paper the disadvantages of the white board paper surface coarse and loose quality ink absorbency is bigger, poor flatness, so printed full version field should be first impression, after dark, the deep background, thin, inky shoulds not be too big. If good flatness, white board paper, printed full version of the field before deep color, and quantity of ink printing, will be subject to not glued dirty on the back, and then thin color overprint, this would be a good printing product finish, at the same time, pay attention to ink balance, good control plate layout size of water.
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