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The advantage of whiteboard paper for packaging is?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-18
White board paper production of one hundred years of history, production whiteboard paper also has more than 50 years in our country. With the development of commodity economy, as an important sales of packaging materials, white board paper used in packaging of goods. Need most is bigger and bigger, this is because the advantages of white board paper compared with other packaging materials: ( 1) Has the high processing formability and mechanical properties. Including good stiffness and folding resistance, resistance to deformation and mechanical adaptability. Can the continuous production. And its thickness and stiffness of the board of each layer is proportional to the quality of the materials and cardboard packing ( Such as talcum powder) Will obviously improve the surface smoothness, but also can reduce stiffness. ( 2) Has excellent printing performance, the surface of its tough and resilient, and have high whiteness, smoothness, sizing degree and intensity of plane, so the good printing adaptability. ( 3) Has good cushioning performance, make cartons can well protect the goods. ( 4) Can save timber resources, the white paper can be recycled, this can be a lot of save timber, function to protect the environment on the one hand, due to the decrease of production links at the same time, can reduce pollution of the environment. ( 5) Compound is good, can use the whiteboard paper as the backing material, composite with other materials, material with have a variety of advanced packaging cardboard packaging performance.
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