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The advantage of double gray cardboard for packaging material

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-12
Double gray cardboard is according to the requirements of green packaging, full use of renewable fiber, such as newsprint and other waste paper as raw material, through a series of modern technology, processing and environmental protection products. The so-called green packaging, refers to those who can reuse, recycling or degradation, corruption, and in the product whole life cycle will not cause pollution to the human body and the environment. The indicators and double gray cardboard completely accord with the requirement of green packaging; Especially compared with wood packaging, the double grey board has many advantages. Stiffness of the 1, product packaging, safety and health, especially for packaging materials for the product itself has reliable protection. Double gray cardboard production technology not only can satisfy the requirements of the stiffness of the products, and have very high smoothness, suitable for use in automatic production equipment, production process will greatly improve the safety and efficiency. At the same time, because part of the wood packaging will carry diseases and insect pests, and barriers to international trade restrictions, which for the export of products caused irreparable damage. In recent years, the United States, the European Union ban on wooden pallets in our country has been a wake-up call to us. And pairs of gray paper both in raw materials, and processed through the strict inspection processing, make the cardboard completely accord with the requirement of health, extend the cardboard packaging preferred domain, and raised the grade of the product packing. Double gray paper 2, protect the ecological environment in the process of production, a more scientific environmental protection, reduce the pollutants, and production materials used the regenerated fiber such as waste paper, make full use of the value of the waste. At the same time, after use, waste can also be used for reproduction of cardboard, the entire board of the build into a cycle of the production process, the environmental protection of the production chain. 3 pairs of gray paper, save resources after use, can be completely recycled. Reuse of process, greatly improve the utilization of limited resources, and is required to make double gray cardboard MianJiang, on the process of coating layer, save a lot of water and electricity, chemicals, and human resources. And wood packaging, not only with capacity is big, expensive, also consumes large amounts of natural or artificial forest. In addition, restore slower of wood resources, and as a wooden box packaging materials such as, cannot give full play to the role of the wood, the rationality of the whole structure of wood used has certain influence. Not only that, the double gray cardboard in alternative wood packaging at the same time, also has the more wide use range, such as production hardcover books, album covers, paper jigsaw puzzle, information boxes, folders, and leather bags products such as substrate. It all reflects, double gray cardboard as a new generation of packaging material, has the widespread use of value and considerable market prospect.
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