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Synthesis board of environmental protection?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-20
2020 - 02 - 23 it is a kind of composite board material produced by using chemical raw materials to join a few additives, such as olefins became a synthetic board, add some additive synthesis board it has a soft texture, high water resistance, strong tensile resistance, heat resisting cold light, and can resist chemical corrosion resistance, widely used in the map, picture album, top grade books and periodicals printing, and permeability is very good, does not pollute the environment. It is also known as chemical film paper, paper plastic, polymer, etc. It is the main raw material of polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene and other organic resin. Method firstly is to put the resin after combustion melting, extrusion and film-forming, along different axial pull up, and then put the film processing, let it become opaque, white degree, thus made into composite board. Synthetic types are divided into: PS synthetic paper, PP synthetic paper, PVc composite board, HEDPE synthetic paper, PET composite board, ABS composite board, etc. 1, synthetic board it is very economic and environmental protection, from the aspects of its material production, it is to use the calcium carbonate to the mineral filler. So it can reduce the consumption of plastic, and the synthetic board piece it also can be recycled. In addition, the synthesis of cardboard it is not like a traditional paper sample raw material sources, from the nature of trees, so it won't cause harm to the environment, and this paper its recovery was, even on the incineration, and also does not produce any harmful gases. 2, the proportion of synthetic board it is is smaller and lighter, and its rigidity is just right, very suitable for use. 3, synthesize the cardboard which has the very high durability, even even after using for a long time, and not easily get damaged. And this paper its strength is very big, also has the ability of excellent puncture-proof hole and tear resistant. In addition, the synthetic board also has excellent wear resistance and the ability of resistance to fold. Very comfortable to use. 4, unlike traditional fiber synthetic board paper, it is not contain any fiber components, can waterproof, prevent oil and brain chemicals. And synthetic board materials its whiteness is higher, but largely opaque, so its shading performance is good, uv stability performance is also very high. 5, synthetic board its smooth surface, stable size, easy to machining, also easy to printing and writing. 6, synthetic board material it saved time is longer, because is made from chemical raw materials, so it moth-proofing and corrosion protection is very good.
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