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Such as white cardboard, grey board board need how to save

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-17
Currently supply most of the board after coating and leveling, cardboard properly kept and storage will affect the production performance, temperature and relative humidity will have a major impact. Typical relative humidity of the cardboard is + 50% to - 10%. If the board does not meet the above conditions, that is, it is placed in the environment is too wet or too hot, can cause the alignment error and the feeding performance is poor. To prevent this problem, the printing can adopt the following methods: cardboard package up until before use and open; 24 hours in advance to adapt to the workshop put cardboard wrapped in the workshop temperature; In front of the processing and delivery will be printed cardboard packaging wet process. In addition, you can also use the accused of dehumidifier. Curly cardboard and peel is also related to this common problem, especially for uncoated cardboard. In addition, sandwiched in a pile of paper would be a little impurity, a paper on another made of paper or even in advance when cutting paper cutter blade pressure, will cause damage to the cardboard. And these defective board can still after printer of rubber cloth and the concave roller sheath and spoilage. So prevention is better than remedial's price is much smaller. Use uncoated paper, printing companies should think carefully about the choice of ink, text height control and design, which can prolong the drying time to prevent the happening of the problem. High oxidation and the ink pigment content should be used to better fill the uneven uncoated cardboard. Reduce the text height or use of alcohol wetting has advantages in terms of prevent print emulsion. If you are on the coated paper proofing, but on the uncoated paper printing and chase the sample, that is beyond the ability of practical ability. We can anticipate, uncoated cardboard with porous network to expand to more so, and the printing also considered under the condition of guarantee color reduce the ink film thickness.
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