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Soft tissue paper making what kind of process?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-18
In the manufacturing process of tissue paper products such as paper towels, must pay attention to a lot of features, in order to provide products suitable for the intended use, mixing with the appropriate properties of the final product. In these different features, for the high quality products, improve the softness has always been a major goal. And the stiffness of the softness of the main components including thickness ( Density) With lower stiffness and higher thickness ( Low density) , often can improve can feel softness. Traditional tissue paper products has been made of wet pressing method, among them, before the final drying, by pressing or from the sheet extrusion water removed from the wet dipping paper painting a lot of water. In particular, when the sheet is absorbent paper bearing, in sending it to the surface of single cylinder for a final dry, use roller to the sheet in the blanket and rotating dryer heating ( Single cylinder) Between the surface of extrusion. Then, use knife blade ( Wrinkling) Dry the paper, from the single cylinder from the blade by damage in the method of wet phase formed many keys in advance, and used to partially make dry paper strip. Wrinkling is usually improved sheet softness, but at the cost a lot of strength loss.
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