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Single compound white paper: from the definition and classification of type of paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-08
With the constant progress of science and technology, and now we are already very much paper types, such as single compound white board paper, from type paper, gray board paper, paper bags lining, and so on. Various don't have to call the paper have different performance, use circumstance also is not the same. Our chicken is paper provides various types of paper, including single compound white paper, gray board paper, paper bags lining, and so on. So, from the type of paper is a kind of what kind of? We to make a brief introduction about the definition and classification of single compound whiteboard paper! ! ! ! One, from type paper from the definition of a type of paper, also known as the silicone oil paper, adhesive paper, mainly have the effect of isolation with viscous objects, such as tape. When use generally need to be stripped, abandoned; Now more widely used, mainly is the carrier of tape or adhesive products. Second, from the classification of the type of paper from the classification of the type of paper, can press with and without plastic mold plastic mold paper paper classification; Can also according to the classification of organic silicon mold mold release agent paper and non silicon mold. Plastic mold a piece of paper, because of the mold release agent has certain permeability, if there is no certain blocks, mold release agent will infiltrate into the paper inside, cause cure bad and mold release agent usage is larger, High cost) , and many other adverse factors. Whether you need what type of paper, as long as we have, phoenix, we can provide you with, even can provide door-to-door delivery service for you!
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