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Scrap the whole gray paper recycling effective way

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-17
Along with the increasing seriousness of environmental problems, the social from all walks of life more, also more and more attention to the protection of the environment in the whole gray paper industry, as a general rule, after the use of waste paper, most are sold directly to recycling, and then after a collection processing, is sold directly to the board factory, and then after a series of processing, will board in processing production, produce meet the needs of all gray cardboard. As far as possible in order to save time, give full play to its advantages, the need to scrap the board of technical improvements, shabby cardboard for simple processing first, remove old cardboard needle nails clean, put the sheet into a single, put the same paper, cardboard paste into layers or single layer will press pressure will separate after tissue paper flat, guarantee the adhesion formation, and then make it useful all gray cardboard. In addition, also may be to old, after renovation of cardboard, reprocessed into can use gray cardboard, mainly USES the suture cardboard, whole process, and then in the pattern of the printing house need again, moreover is the small cardboard, plastic processing. The two methods can be modified gray paper roughness can not meet the requirements, procedure, the waste big shortcoming.
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