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Production of handbags to choose what kind of paper effect is good?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-21
Production of handbags to choose what kind of paper effect is good? Handbags usually have a lot of optional materials, but want to effect, the preferred certainly FSC (black paper Single coated and double coated) Are frequently used, white cardboard, paper can also add some special process, the FSC above the black card can be used for hot stamping, hot silver, but the black card market cost is relatively high some, FSC black paperboard characteristics, environmental protection dye, can be recycled, no pollution, two sides color have off color, produced by after the waste paper into pulp, paper and exquisite, can thoroughly, strength thick, quantitative large thick paper, good folding surface level off is smooth, good stiffness, good tensile, burst degrees higher, apply to handbags, album, photo frame, backplane, gift boxes, jewelry box, mobile phone box, shoes box, stationery, clothing tag, notebook, desk calendar, arm in arm bag and horn speaker electronic gasket and various crafts packaging, etc.
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