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Processed gray paper from time to tome where need to pay attention to?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-20
Gray paper requirements about the quality of the raw material is low, waste paper, half bleached pulp, semi-chemical pulp can be used. Most use mould machine manufacture paper with pulp. Products can be sandwich board or homogenous board, also can be used according to different quality requirements of high quality pulp noodle production liner grey board. Used for making packing box, paper tube, etc. When making gray paper processing production, must pay attention to the operation of all equipments at any time, especially the size of raw powder glue, glue, glue a quantity to whether uniform are in good condition and so on, if found any situation should be handled immediately. In the process, we need to pay attention to adjust the brake slack and speed the speed of change, to maintain its tension constant. In addition, we also should pay attention to adjust the pressure between the roller body, to guarantee the quality of grey board. Gray paper belongs to the environmental protection packaging materials, the price is relatively cheap, so its use is widespread, become the first choice for packaging industry, because of the great packaging market demand is very high, the various cardboard factory of all kinds of cardboard and cardboard carton cannot repeat use of gray paper makes a good market.
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