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Please pay attention to the choose and buy double gray cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-10
Double gray cardboard, as a kind of the production of packaging materials, when the choose and buy, the corresponding precautions are essential. So small make up today to bring us some considerations about the double gray cardboard when buy, its content is as follows: quantitative in the choice of the specifications of the double gray cardboard, to pay attention to the dimension of a double gray cardboard size is in accordance with the requirements. Often double gray cardboard to meet the printing requirements as the prerequisite, so in the choose and buy when, want a choose and buy as far as possible quantitative smaller double gray cardboard, so that we can at the time of printing and packaging save a lot of costs. Specification choose to conform to the specifications of the double gray cardboard box printing, pay attention to too much, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste, thereby increasing the cost of production, so choose a suitable. Quality quality is the foundation, after the good choice of the specifications of the double gray cardboard, consider double gray cardboard quality level, in order to conform to the packaging quality requirements, so double gray paper when the choose and buy should consider factors such as its strength, thickness and moisture. Above is double gray cardboard is the choose and buy must pay attention to the related issues, hope that through this article can double gray cardboard the choose and buy for you help.
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