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Parameter Of Grey Paper Board


Grey paper board are fully applied in the daily life, purchase in the purchase of grey board paper should pay attention to what problems?NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., LIMITED takes you to know the main six important parameters of grey board paper in detail:

1. Specification: size is the most basic parameter, so for grey board paper, first of all, the size of the incoming material should be checked for compliance, and the allowable size deviation of the cardboard should not exceed -3mm, +1CM.In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the grain of grey sheet paper of incoming materials is compliant. The grain of grey sheet paper is very important. The grain of grey sheet paper is different, and the hardness of cardboard will also be different.

2. Gram weight: gram weight refers to the area of each square paper, and the standard of quantitative upper and lower deviation of double ash board, single gray paper and composite gray board paper is generally + 3%-5%.However, due to the domestic present paper mill gram weight all existence weighing inadequate situation, so generally will take the thickness, hardness as the receiving standard!

3. Thickness: the thickness refers to a certain pressure between the measured surfaces of grey board paper, the thickness directly measured, and the thickness error standard of the cardboard is + / -0.05mm.

4. Water content: refers to the water content of the fiber in the grey board paper. Generally, the moisture content of single grey paper and double grey paper is 8%~10% from the standard of 250g~750g, the composite double ash board is 9%~15%, and the composite grey board is 10%~16%.

5. Interlaminar binding force: refers to the bond strength between the wet paper fibers of the cardboard when external forces damage them, and usually the interlaminar binding force of gray paper shall be greater than or equal to 121.

6. Skewness: skewness refers to the maximum diagonal deviation of the cardboard, which is generally expressed by mm

These are the six important parameters of grey board paper. If you need to know more properties of grey board paper, you can contact us at any time to learn more about the properties of grey board paper products!

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