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Paperboard Packaging Market Trends


Paperboard packaging

The production of paper board and the paper recycling industry analyses data from a variety of sources to make accurate predictions in market trends up to the year 2024. The paper board industry will grow significantly, with 2015’s global 122 billion dollar turnover almost doubling. Growth is expected to be primarily in the production of box board packaging.

Demand For Paperboard

Concern for the environment is causing many paper board manufacturers and suppliers to abandon plastic packaging in favour of paper board, an entirely renewable, sustainable product. Paper board offers a versatile and creative option for packaging, providing boxes, trays and fast food containers that can be customised and printed. Available in an extensive range of unlined chipboards and greyboards, they can also be lined with a variety of materials including polythene, silicon, Kraft linings and polyester. All forms of paper board can be successfully tailored to suit any product. Manufacturers can add reliable strength to packaging by using laminated paper board or box board comprising several layers of paper stuck together with a water based PVA polyvinyl acetate glue. The prolific growth that the NEW BAMBOO PAPER has identified in the manufacturing, food and drinks industries, particularly in China and other Asia Pacific countries, is forecast to continue rising annually. Consequently, it is expected that such steady growth will create an unprecedented demand for all forms of paper board including folding boxboard and all types of lined chipboard.

Paper Board Competition

In a fiercely competitive industry, just six of the largest global companies supply up to 60% of the world’s paper and box board packaging. However, the predicted increase in demand from manufacturers for all forms of container board will allow many smaller companies the opportunity to significantly increase their own share of the market both at home and abroad.

Regional Paper Board Market Trends

In the UK, many industries are set to continue transferring their services to online billing and point of contact e-mails resulting in a reduction of the use of office grade paper that is expected to fall by a further 70% by 2024. However, the future for paper board packaging is predicted to be confident of experiencing a reliable, steady growth. With initiatives to eliminate the use of plastic trays and packaging in supermarkets and fast food chains, forecasters such as the NEW BAMBOO PAPER predict that home based demand for all forms of versatile, creative container board, box board and lined chipboard will increase dramatically.

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