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Paperboard Packaging Manufacturing


Paperboard is one of the most versatile materials to use for packaging. It is available in different grades, meaning that you can get packaging solutions for specific requirements.

Paperboard packaging manufacturing

Whether you are looking to pack food, point of sale materials, or beverages, you can find a suitable grey paper board alternative. The multipurpose property of paperboard is only one reason it is popular and will remain relevant for several years to come. The manufacturing and packaging industry has undergone significant evolution with the help of technological advancements. Producers now have more solutions to pick from when it comes to their packing needs. Regardless, paperboard printing is still in demand and projections show that the material will continue to be for the next five years or so.

The Forecast of Paperboard Packaging Manufacturing

The report on the future of industrial packaging that showed that paperboard would keep playing a huge role in the sector. The report looked at the state of packaging up to 2022. The industrial packaging industry was worth $52.72bn in 2017, and for the following five years, will grow at 3.2% annually, achieving $61.84bn in sales by 2022. Emerging and developing economies will be the biggest contributor to the consumption of packing solutions for the period 2017-2022. The  study conducted the study by material segments with board and paperboard being the largest ones covered.

The Drivers of Growth in Paperboard Packaging Manufacturing

The increase in consumption of paperboard packaging solutions will be fuelled by the demand for smaller and lightweight materials. Paperboard can be produced in single or multilayer profiles, allowing it to be strong without the burden of unnecessary weight. The advantage of simplified global trade thanks to e-commerce has made international shipping an everyday occurrence with customers ordering goods from across continents. These orders have to be shipped in sturdy, lightweight packing material that ensures safety without the need for bulky layers that will inflate shipping costs. Paperboard offers this advantage.

The rapid rise in the production and consumption of electronic products is another reason the future of paperboard looks bright. Electronic products are some of the biggest consumers of paper board packaging. From cartons that house small products to large boxes, the electronics industry enjoys the versatility of paperboard. With increased access to the internet, the use of electronics keeps rising, particularly for internet-enabled devices. As more consumers buy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other products, the more the paperboard packing industry grows.

Another element that impact the future of paperboard manufacturer is environmental conservation. Sustainability is one of the selling points of paperboard. The material can be made from trees in sustainable environments or by recycling waste paper. Reduction of carbon footprint is a global effort as companies find ways to do their part. By using sustainable paperboard to package their products, manufacturers minimise their impact on nature.

The future of paperboard packaging manufacturing for the next five years looks promising. Even with the changes in the supply chain made possible by developments in technology and market trends, the manufacture and printing of paperboard packing solutions will keep rising. The design flexibility, sustainability and versatility of paperboard will play a big part in that future.

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