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Paper tells you how to solve the problem of FSC grey board become warped, bending

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-11
How to solve the problem of FSC grey board become warped, bending it is well known that the board warpage is the main obstacle to all production factory, is a disease will lead to all kinds of production, such as the speed reduce spending increases and glue paste, energy, and many other problems. And it will affect the production molding, such as die-cutting difficult questions, and poor bei paper, printing, etc. Waste paper also increased because of this, the FSC cardboard warping on the main reason is that the moisture content of paper under the imbalance. Curved upward is single paper moisture content is too much, bend down is double-sided paper water too much. To produce straight, strong cardboard, must take control of the two side of paper and glue method, the water content of the contact pressure and hot pressing rods can help control the two important factors. To produce smooth degree of the ancient strong cardboard, the speed of the single a machine sizing must be in sync. After does not cause the cardboard paper technology study found that low velocity warpage, as long as the single function of a synchronized there would be no warpage problems.
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