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Paper rack up the source of the reason is what?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-01
In August of this year, the central environmental protection inspectorate of zhejiang, shandong and jilin provinces and cities, the environmental protection supervision for about a month. From a point in time, the environmental protection supervision of time and the overlaps the record-keeping rise. However, papermaking enterprises will be the record-keeping up the trigger, blamed on July another special inspection of environmental protection. 'This wave of rising, although also be environmental factors, but mainly of environmental protection of 1792 across the country to import waste processing enterprises to carry out the inspection. 'In early July, the environmental protection department from 27 provinces ( City) 420 law enforcement officers of 60 inspection group, is carried out in a month-long nationwide to combat the illegal behaviour of imported waste processing enterprise environment initiative. In accordance with past practice, in the middle of each month, environmental protection department will review a batch of imported waste paper approval. However, in the process of the special operation, there is no reply again. Since July, not issued an approval. Thus, the supply of imported waste paper have narrowed. During the interview, the reporter also saw a now for imported waste paper mill 'precious' approval. , according to the paper factory this approval is a total of 5000 tons, the number of imported waste paper import from abroad because every month during the first half of waste paper, now only 100 tons of credits can be used. Finished these, you didn't. 'Not only imported waste paper approval not issued, have issued some enterprises approval also be recycled. The Mr Kim said, 'in fuyang area, 70000 tons of imported waste paper recycling approval. After a pay of imported waste paper limit, as you all know, there is something wrong with the supply of imported waste paper '.
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