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Paper products can be classified according to those who go to?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-14
1, according to the production process can be divided into manual and paper machine made paper. Handmade paper: with manual operation is given priority to, use of shade net framework, artificial make fishing. Have a soft, absorbent strong wait for a characteristic, suitable for ink writing, painting and printing, such as rice paper in China. Machine made paper refers to the mechanization way the floorboard of the production of paper, such as printing paper, wrapping paper, etc. 2, according to the thickness and weight of the paper can be divided into paper and cardboard. The distinction between both there is no strict boundaries. With weight below 200 g per square metre commonly known as paper, more than 200 g is called the cardboard. Board is mainly used in commodity packaging, such as packaging boxes, paper, cardboard, etc. 3, according to the function can be divided into: newsprint, for the press and publishing is a kind of special printing paper, due to large proportion, traditionally single category; Printing paper, writing paper, use and include paintings and drawings for printing and writing paper; Wrapping paper; Technical paper ( Industrial and agricultural technical paper) ; Life health paper; Processing base paper for further processing of paper; The cardboard. Processing of paper, etc. 4, according to the specifications, generally divided into tablets and drum two kinds. Sheet is mainly used to make use of, such as for platform printing machine printing and writing paper, painting, etc. Reel paper is for the use of continuous processing machinery, such as for rotary press printing, bag making machine for bag, continuous cigarette-rolling machines cigarette package system.
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