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Paper on wood supply situation at home and abroad with you

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-08
Today, global forest resources reduce gradually already are indisputable facts. Since last year, the domestic and the world's major timber producing wood export control policies, while to protect forest resources, has also led to the amount of wood especially logs it can export decreased dramatically. Part in the first half of this year, southeast Asian countries have adopted a policy of the wood to start, we intensified the efforts on the control over the export of wood, wood strict limits on each port exports. This not only makes the region's timber exports fell sharply in the previous years, and it also makes the downstream market supply of goods more tight, especially pontianak, tip wood, gold pomelo, cass, and popular varieties, supply is scarce. Recently, the Chinese forest product industrial association notice, points out that Madagascar rosewood, ebony and other rare and endangered tree species is reducing rapidly, has aroused the attention of many countries. The tree is the main raw material, the style of traditional annatto furniture to reduce their Numbers will have great influence on high-end antique furniture market. Wood industry throughout the country, the national natural protection project implementation, the forest lumbering, limit after cutting, the domestic timber supply suitable for the production of furniture are falling. It is reported, jilin, yunnan, guangxi, such as timber production province said sharp reduction of forestry. The personage inside course of study points out that in the future, timber supply crunch situation at home and abroad will be more obvious.
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