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Paper market increasingly serious excess capacity, industry giants have to look at in the overseas market

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-03
Industry according to incomplete statistics, 2018 will be put into production of new paper capacity up to 10 million tons, but all the year round but total demand for 3 million tons of paper industry, serious excess capacity, industry giants, mountain eagle, nine dragons, etc have stepped up the steps of foreign expansion. This surplus, exist in all walks of life are all more or less, in the paper industry, especially in recent years, as the economic decline in Europe and America, China's economic growth rate began to fall, wrapping paper demand reached its peak, but due to the cumulative increase of excessive production capacity, the paper has been in the state of oversupply, prices continue to slump. That eliminated after six years of wrapping paper industry consolidation, eliminated ErSanQianWanDun paper production capacity, supply and demand to achieve weakly stationary. Therefore, faced with such serious situation, China's paper industry caused a big rise in price, shuffle and outward expansion of agitation. Large price increases you have seen, but will likely be the future of Chinese paper enterprises for survival the outward expansion of key decisions, is worth us deep thinking.
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