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Paper FSC color tissue paper which are widely used in industry

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-16
The application of tissue paper introduces
thin sheet of paper, quantitative under 22 g/m2 of paper referred, wide range of USES, including toilet paper, tissue paper, mail a letter paper, thin page cap paper etc. Paper thin and soft, some certain transparency. Can is shiny, matte, generally for a light side rough. Any size available ( Including waste paper pulp), In the paper machine manufacture paper with pulp. Widely used tissue paper, toilet paper, tissue paper, mail a letter paper, paper, paper yarn paper thin pp cap paper, wax paper, figure paper base paper, invoice of the tissue paper and crepe paper and so on.

paper FSC color tissue paper which are widely used in the industry with FSC color copy paper is widely used in printing, color box, leather goods packaging, export arts and crafts, shoes and hats, etc, can improve the grade of the product and the grade, the FSC color copy paper characteristics: bright color, paper, light and soft, bright and clean level off, not flaky, strong tension, easy to fold easy to cut, no smell, no fading has the effect of moisture permeability, the main production raw material made from pure wood pulp raw material ( Environmental protection. Non-toxic, provide ROHS ( SGS) Inspection report, the FSC certification report) 。 Copy paper to determine the PH: 6. 8 - 7. Between 5, is a neutral paper ( Can provide test report) 。
Nowadays, the adoption of paper board suppliers in paper board manufacturers industry is quite common.
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