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Packaging cardboard _ _ hebei packaging cardboard packaging cardboard manufacturers _ _ cardboard factory the importance of the theory of cardboard appearance!

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-20
The stand or fall of a product to see the packaging, packaging beautiful word is high grade, atmospheric basic now all the products are brand effect, the same kind of product, a good appearance than an ugly appearance which one will you choose, the same goods, packaging different prices are likely to make to, so it is very important to have a good package. The appearance of the board is the same, the outward appearance is an important standard to measure the quality of a product, the main is to rely on to determine the individual. Cardboard is thick, is made up of a lot of fiber materials and additives produced with complicated process and a variety of reasons such as raw materials, production process and additives will decide the appearance of the board, appearance is decided to the discretion of the finished product quality. Good quality cardboard appearance is very smooth, hardness is strong, the thickness is uniform; Quality is not good the cardboard will very bad effects on the after printing, such as ink penetration, potholes, etc, will seriously affect the product is beautiful. So the appearance of the cardboard detection is an important part in the production of cardboard, the cardboard production output to the strict control of incomplete, baoding industrial cardboard composite factory did very well in this respect, have been engaged in this industry for 15 years of experience, each year tens of thousands of tons of products, has had a very successful production of production experience, looking for the cardboard manufacturers choose baoding.
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