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New website of NEW BAMBOO PAPER CO.,Ltd:

Dear friends,

After careful preparation and planning, NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd finally launched its own AI marketing website. Compared with the previous website, this website provides a clearer structure, richer content and smoother experience. Thus, our customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of our company's products and services.

Located in Building C1, TianAn TechnologyPark, Nancheng Area, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province nan cheng jie dao dong guan guangdong, NEW BAMBOO PAPER is a comprehensive company. We have a full range of business, including production, processing and sales of grey paper board. NEW BAMBOO PAPER has a vast range of products including Grey board and Duplex board that can meet your specific needs. NEW BAMBOO PAPER pays great attention to talents introduction and cultivation. We also maintain close partnerships with well-known universities in the country. We have an excellent and highly-educated talents team. All these contribute to our company's long-term development. we focuses on the internal management and opens up the market. We actively explore innovative thinking and fully introduce modern management mode. We continuously achieve development in the competition based on strong technical capability, high-quality products, and comprehensive and thoughtful services.

Based on a new design concept, our company strives to create an AI marketing website. Reasonable in layout, rich in content and smooth in experience, the new website provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of our company's products and services.

Here, we wants to thank all our customers and friends for their unconditional trust and support. In the future, we will produce higher quality products and provide more personalized services to return customers and friends. For more details on our team, please contact us for a chat or online customer. I hope that we can work together, cooperate wholeheartedly and share a beautiful chapter of tomorrow!

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