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Low down the price of FSC grey board paper, wave sweeping the paper factory

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-01
FSC grey board paper price cuts, low tide sweeping the papermaking factory in everyone still hotly debated record-keeping rose, FSC grey board paper mill in guangdong was the first to start the valuation to stop, the wave of price cuts, some customers even stop single drop, October, according to the paper down and acquisition volume throughout the country, most waste paper business has stopped collecting waste paper, waste paper of sudden drop, the waste paper packaging business unprepared, some previous price higher for paper factory was waste paper manufacturers crowded broken gate, because of too many delivery vans, causing mill blockage, the paper once again feel the strength of the grey board paper factory. Order bluff, tile paper heap storehouse, the record-keeping plunge, tile paper collapsed! This moment, let us see the 2017 New Year's day on the scene. The next grey board market in October, will be the paper maker, small and medium enterprises, the situation is very chaotic, looking forward to it.
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