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Low carbon environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction FSC copy paper industry development in the future

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-03
Low carbon environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction FSC future copy paper copy paper industry future development will be green, copy paper, FSC copy paper and copy paper containers as a member of the green copy paper will be in the form of how to develop it? Copy paper printing technology development will have the following features: single material to develop in the direction of multilayer material; Offset printing, gravure, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods coexist and gravure, flexo printing will be the fastest growing; Sheet-fed to develop in the direction of paper rolls, single machine to online production; Integrated application of relevant new technologies and optimization of the whole production system. Packaging art trend is the development of copy paper: a forming mold of paper container will gradually take the place of die cutting composite paper container now; Deep plastic coated technology gradually replace the old wax; Compound technology of paper container development skills; CAD and CAM system will make copies of paper container design and shorten the manufacturing cycle. In addition, the FSC copy paper focus on developing low gram, Gao Qianghua, lightweight high copy paper, to achieve standardization, seriation, many varieties, multi-purpose goals.
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