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Kraft paper, why could be so widely used

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-01
Cardboard, kraft paper is actually the past with cement its toughness, surface texture yellowish-brown and high strength. Found making kraft paper used wood fiber is longer, and when cooking wood, chemicals such as caustic soda and alcali sulphide to apply for processing, so the chemical reaction between them, has a more moderate damage by the strength of the original wood fiber is relatively small, so with this kind of paper pulp making paper, between the fibre and fibre is tightly dependent, is very strong. And kraft paper is divided into the single side, double side and stripe three types; According to its thickness is divided into kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper board. Kraft paper is widely used as a hardcover box because of its main features are flexible, explain the elastic, and has a larger burst degrees, folding and good water resistance, and is widely applied in the production of hardcover box, cosmetics boxes, industrial goods, textiles, daily provisions, video, building materials packaging.
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