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Kraft paper lines should be how to distinguish

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-06
1, drum kraft paper roll width is horizontal grain, the length of the drum is streaking, cutting good tablet with kraft paper grain direction is that paper grain direction is always with the back of the dimension in the same direction. If the paper size is 787 * 1092 mm, long lines, also known as 1092 paper grain direction. If the paper size is 1092 * 787 mm, for short, is also is the grain direction of paper 787. 2, and kraft paper, hand torn method, if it is easy to tear off the direction of the grain direction, the direction of the difficult to tear off, direction is perpendicular to the grain road, especially the paper mould machine made easier to distinguish. 3, pull method with both hands, hold tight the kraft paper with both hands on both sides to pull. Is easy to break the horizontal paper, it is not easy to break the longitudinal paper. 4, the method of water droplets on the kraft paper, with no brown base paper laminating, can put the paper on the table, the paper drop a drop of water, water droplets spread the shape of the ellipse. The axis of the ellipse is the longitudinal direction, the vertical to horizontal margin.
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