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Whether you’re in the retail business, eCommerce or at a company that sends out important documents, items or gifts, trust NEW BAMBOO PAPER for quality chipboard packing solutions. You’ll find a variety of simple and clean packaging options to compliment your products. 

NEW BAMBOO PAPER maintains an extensive stock of chipboard boxes and mailing materials to meet any company’s shipping and packaging requirements. As a gray board manufacturers, we offer more flexibility of order fulfillment and shorter wait times than other leading packaging suppliers. We regularly help businesses find shipping solutions including eCommerce businesses.

Folding Cartons

Our folding cartons come in over 70 size options, each available in kraft or white. These light-weight cartons are perfect for small parts or items and have a pye-lock tuck for positive locking. Made from durable fibreboard, you can be sure a folding carton is strong enough for your packaging needs.


Chipboard Cartons

NEW BAMBOO PAPER offers two-piece fibreboard constructed stationary cartons and set-up cartons. Our set-up cartons come fully assembled and the stationary cartons are shipped flat to save space. Each carton protects your documents from damage and dust.


Apparel Boxes

Our two-piece cartons are perfect for packaging clothing in retail environments. Choose from kraft chipboard with a kraft interior or white chipboard with a gray interior. Both types are made from durable recycled fibreboard, making them an economical option for retail businesses of all sizes. We ship our apparel boxes flat so you can easily store them, boxes fold together in seconds.


Deluxe Gift Boxes

For an upscale gift presentation, our deluxe gift boxes come in a high gloss finish and are twice as strong as chipboard. We ship their high-wall bottoms flat to guarantee pristine condition when you receive them. Their pre-assembled lids are sold separately and feature a gray interior.


Chipboard Pads

Chipboard pads work great as a stiffener for envelopes. NEW BAMBOO PAPER’s chipboard pads are made from recycled paper, making them an affordable option for top-layer package protection from box cutters and knives.


Flat and Self-Seal Mailers

Their light-weight helps saves on mailing costs and the chipboard construction provides strong protection when shipping your photos or other important documents. Chipboard is known for its rigidity so no additional stiffeners are needed before sending out your items. Our mailers are available in both natural kraft and white with the option for tab locking or self-sealing versions.


White Self-Seal Flat Mailers

All of our high-quality white self-seal flat mailers are made of strong chipboard to protect photos and documents during the shipping process. They're manufactured from light-weight material, but stiff and tough enough to keep it from bending too much. A pull-tab peel and seal closure makes for easy opening and closing.  


Jewelry Boxes

Our kraft or white jewelry boxes come fully assembled, saving you valuable time. The high-quality construction and use of rigid fibreboard keeps your delicate jewelry pieces safe. To guarantee your items get to your customers in their intended condition, NEW BAMBOO PAPER fills each box with a non-tarnishing jeweler’s cotton.


Gift Boxes

There are so many occasions and holidays that require gift boxes, NEW BAMBOO PAPER knows that having a variety of options is important. Choose from white, kraft, black gloss or holiday red gift box colors. Whether you need a specific size or looking for an assortment, NEW BAMBOO PAPER has you covered. Our gifting selection goes beyond the box, explore our gift tissue and crinkle paper to help your gift make an impact.


Holiday Red Gift Boxes

During the holiday season, you’ll have the perfect packaging for sending out gifts to your friends and family. Each gift box has a red exterior with a gray interior, as well as convenient one-piece construction for easy assembly and shipping. Holiday red gift boxes can be used to ship novelties, plates, bowls, silverware, stemware, and more.

Affordable Chipboard Packaging Solutions from NEW BAMBOO PAPER

NEW BAMBOO PAPER's centralized location allows us to get you the chipboard boxes and packaging your business needs, quickly. Most of our chipboard is made from recycled fibreboard or other types of paper, making it an economical solution for a variety of businesses and industries. Multiple color options and chipboard’s smooth finish guarantees you’ll find a style that matches your needs.

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