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Introduction: with FSC whiteboard paper factory production use

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-12
FSC grey board usually adopt hundred bleaching of wood pulp as raw material, the surface layer, the underlying chemical coniferous wood pulp, sulphate core layer USES the hardwood chemical mechanical pulp, pulp after beating add calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, such as packing, using AKD neutral heavy sizing, manufacture paper with pulp on the pile of paper machine net, and the calender, coating processing and become, according to the need, through embossing processing can be produced with special embossed pattern of paperboard, all with special embossed pattern of white board, can not check the smoothness and whiteness. Besides white, through to the pulp dyeing, also can produce all kinds of color card, then in addition to the whiteness, other technical performance are consistent with the technical characteristics of the FSC whiteboard paper. Refers to is a kind of thickness between paper and cardboard, good texture, crisp, smooth, quantitative between 230 ~ 450 g/m2 of the printing paper products. FSC grey, white cardboard three layers, the main surface and bottom made with academic mixed pulp bleaching, middle made with slag slurry and slurry etc. Surface is white, the bottom is grey: FSC/FSC Manila board, paper board mainly belongs to the category of the cardboard packaging industry, and it is on the original board coated white coating, after machining made of grey, white paper board.
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