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Information about the watermark color cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-08
Believe that everybody should know that a good packing of goods on face, the face can be to some extent determine the guests the impression is good or bad. And all kinds of boxes of cardboard is the good base of packaging. Watermark color cardboard is also our chicken paper operating one of the styles. So, box board has knowledge of what we need to know? . Also known as ma cardboard box board, is relatively strong carton to use cardboard, widely used in packaging books, supplies department, radio, TV, machine parts, food, etc. Secondly, cardboard box and senior two. Surface is smooth, pale yellow pale brown, has high mechanical strength, folding resistance and resistance to break. Water should be appropriate control box board ( Usually no more than 14%) In order to avoid goods be affected with damp be affected with damp spoiled or cardboard phenomenon such as arch of layered. Generally use chemical not drift straw as raw materials, advanced grinding is mixed with brown wood pulp, sulphate wood pulp, cotton pulp or jute, etc. Boiled pulp arrange properly, make the quality of a material soft, and the fully washing and beating appropriately, and then on the more halftone copy into, after mechanical pressure light. There are polyethylene film coated on the surface, to improve its humidity resistance. If you need the cardboard box, you can contact our NEW BAMBOO PAPER. Besides box board, we also provide watermark color cardboard, double grey board, etc.
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