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Including those of FSC thin sheet of paper, tissue paper for hand

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-25
FSC tissue paper English name is also called yoshire paper, g is below 30 g/m2 generally referred to as the type of tissue paper, paper thin, soft, page, there is a certain transparency, the lower the surface glossiness is also more obvious, generally for the single side is smooth, rough opposite, FSC is a thin sheet of paper with full wood pulp in paper machine manufacture paper with pulp. FSC tissue paper widely include: toilet paper, tissue paper, tissue paper, cap paper, oil, wax paper, mail a letter paper, paper yarn paper, honeycomb paper, paper folding fan base paper, etc. So over the years, the FSC tissue paper is an important part of papermaking industry, now, the FSC capacity increasing of thin sheet of paper, through the new technology can meet the product quality and to become a reality, as the book pages in production at the same time using different native fiber and secondary fiber provides the opportunity to make the final product has the versatility. Paper, besides can produce FSC white tissue paper, FSC color tissue paper, also can design according to customer requirements to provide, whether it's color, size, can meet at the same time. Used to do the manual class paper: paper and cotton paper stencil paper, copy paper, etc.
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