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In June, each big mill production maintenance, this is our favorite stylemakers?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-07
In June, each big mill production maintenance, this is our favorite stylemakers? Papermaking industry recent event: grey board in May continue to rise in price after June three bases in dongguan nine dragons, tianjin, chongqing record-keeping cut - 100 300 yuan/ton. Three bases in tianjin, chongqing, jiangxi base paper factory price cut highest 300 yuan/ton. Jinzhou down 10 - 15 days, craft paper followed by 200 yuan/ton. Down in June as a result, the papermaking factory to reach more than 10, and in the majority with guangdong, was supposed to be into the busy season, went to such a big big news, the industry people to panic. These messages, this paper reveals the market reality: the lack of raw materials, price volatility is frequent, as a paper downstream enterprises how to adapt to this paper market this year's 'the lottery' has just begun, April and may record-keeping lift indefinite, restrict imports of waste paper and so on are just the basis of the first play. Multi-factor overlay the scrap prices recover bad for record-keeping, June as off-season mill announced plans to stop. Waste paper: the pattern of all-round Huang Banzhi market fell last week, the main reason is: because of a rise in raw material is frequent, and the finished paper demand is weak, mill inventory increase, capital pressure surge, some large mill enterprises cut prices, increase the bearish market, expected the United States waste CCIC certification loosen ahead of schedule, bring the scrap supply increase expected, shandong Qingdao sco summit or regions such as mill production, paper thinks that the leading slashed its record-keeping for two purposes: 1. Reversed transmission medium and small paper mills to exit the market, medium and small paper mills without scrap quotas with high price only outside the waste of raw materials, at the same time also need to add wood pulp and chemical fiber quality; 2. Countries to promote green energy and the cost rise; Leading with relative cost to cut the price in the market, squeeze the medium and small paper mills profit space repel and small factory, this not only helps to improve the mill's market concentration, will effectively remove waste requirements, medium and small paper mills in countries for the second half of the delivery of a large number of new capacity makes waste abroad purchase space. Leading paper mills will rely on cost advantage and high market share continues to clean up the medium and small capacity, achieve steady growth.
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