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In 2019 the new tendency of FSC tissue paper printing and packaging

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-30
When excessive packing become a rat crossing the street, everyone is working, the FSC tissue paper printing and packaging into the line of sight of people, as the most original packaging products, paper packaging has the advantage of green environmental protection, its packaging such as metal, wood had a few can be recycled, cost recovery is not as good as waste paper. At present the country to advocate the 'zero packaging', 'simplified packaging', the idea of 'green packaging', and in the implementation, so the green packaging will become a hot point of the entire paper industry. FSC tissue paper is paper thin and soft, there is a certain transparency, some can be a shiny, also can be matte, generally for a light side rough. FSC tissue paper starting from the raw materials, used for to packaging, printing, and the recycling use of the product, every link to the source, efficient and harmless. 2019 the FSC thin paper is a kind of high and new technology in the form of green packaging. So the FSC tissue paper will be one of the environmental protection packaging products comply with the demand of the market today.
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