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In 2017, the FSC double gray cardboard on environmental protection

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-08
About the FSC double gray cardboard, grey board paper industry should attaches great importance to the problem of environmental protection, paper making industry is closely associated with the national economic and social development of the important basic raw material industry, paper and cardboard consumption level is to measure a nation's modernization level and civilization degree. Paper industry has the characteristics of capital and technology intensive, scale benefit is remarkable, the industrial connection is strong, the market capacity is big, is pulling the forestry, agriculture, such as printing, packaging, machinery manufacturing industry development the important strength, has become the new growth point of national economy development in our country. Papermaking industry, such as wood, bamboo, reed, a native plant regeneration and waste paper fiber as raw material, can partly replace non-renewable resources such as plastic, steel, non-ferrous metals, is has the characteristics of the sustainable development of our national economy important industry,
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