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Improve the utilization ratio of double gray cardboard use effective method

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-30
Double gray paper manufacturers on the market of double gray cardboard air tightness and strength, because the quality of the cardboard and different grade, is differ, such double gray cardboard can only general paper products to use. For others, not only paper, and the price is low, the result is often do not have good wear resistance. We need to improve the quality of gray paper, from the standard application range of the product and its performance, considering to high-grade gray paper products pay attention to product quality and grade, so I need good packaging, some high-end products can from their packaging can reflect the value of the product itself and the arts and in improving its packing after the use of double gray cardboard utilization rate will rise. At present, the double gray cardboard packaging due to its characteristics, widely favored by the society, but double gray cardboard manufacturer still need to fundamentally improve the industry quality appearance and the applicable value of gray paper, so as to have market competitiveness, achieved great development.
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