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How to make the white paper plate printing white board paper clean to prevent sticking dirty

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-20
1, with the field as early as in the original version of the barrel, do not add 6 # ink oil, add some appropriate to glue, glue; Are not added when the weather is hot and dry oil. On the back of the printed version of the full field tend to stick dirty, powder spraying method is often used to solve, although printing anti-sticking dirty spray powder contains pure plant material, dispersion and liquidity is pretty good, but using spray powder will directly affect the surface gloss of printing products, make the ink is not bright, and pollute the environment, and have an impact on the accuracy of offset press. 2, white board paper surface rough, poor quality loose absorbency is bigger, flatness, so printed full version field should be first impression, after dark, the deep background, thin, inky shoulds not be too big. If good flatness, white board paper, printed full version of the field before deep color, and quantity of ink printing, will be subject to not glued dirty on the back, and then thin color overprint, this would be a good printing product finish, at the same time, pay attention to the balance of ink, good control plate layout size of water. In addition, offset printing machine to print the white board paper, because the paper thicker, more than a whiteboard paper jam into the embossing and rubber cylinder easy to cause 'stuffy car', so before printing must be careful to double control, skew and washed before control, electrical control device to adjust right, double tension control double zhang control wheel and the distance between the feed roller not less than two sheets of paper thickness, but not more than three paper thick, or curved arch of the paper through the controller will be stop, Clear in time the double control wheel and the feed roller surface, or the power supply control of the two contact surface dust, dirt or insulation, to prevent double control system failure, a 'stuffy car', the traffic rubber roller and embossing roller failure.
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