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How to judge the strength of the board is not qualified

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-20
Cardboard puncture strength tester reference ISO3036 determination of cardboard puncture strength and GB2679 7 measurement of cardboard puncture strength according to the different varieties of cardboard, in accordance with the GB2679. 7 standards, on the cardboard poke strength tester to measure whether accord with a standard. Puncture instrument by a pendulum test specimen clamping device, a pointer dial pyramid ( Puncture the head) The operating system and other parts. Instrument according to the principle of function, is placed in a specially shaped body is installed on a triangular geometry design production according to the standard prismatic pyramid, with the body's energy to make triangle cone penetrates the energy needed for the sample. Working principle: the ability of puncture strength refers to the pyramid across the board with a certain shape the work required. Including to puncture and the work needed for cardboard torn twisted into a hole. To the joule ( J) Said ( 1) Base and support ( 2) Pendulum device: the pendulum, pendulum shaft, puncture the head and body weight lead, etc. ( 3) Test part consists of a pointer, pointer shaft and dial. ( 4) Clamping device: sample is composed of upper and lower clamp and the clamp spring. ( 5) Release the body consists of pillar and release lever.
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