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How to improve the charm of commodity packaging

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-12
The function of packaging is to protect the goods, convey commodity information, easy to use, easy to transport, to promote sales. To improve the charm of commodity in the consumers' mind and appeal, is committed to improve the carton packaging design innovation. Grasp the basic properties, dare to innovation, the main measure is to improve the commodity packaging appeal. Innovation is to dare to break through the conventional colour colour is applied. Such as beverage mineral water and pure water tend to be on the packaging of green or blue, but the wahaha purified water is in the opposite direction, bold use of red, seems to let a person in a red hot environment, lenovo to quench thirst of pure water, the results of a hit the great river north and south, this is the innovation in the color to use. There is a contrast is obtained under the condition of innovation, there are two kinds of comparative method, one is in the same family of contrast, is a kind of contrast in packaging and packaging itself, still there will be a good effect. Such as shuanghui fish sausages in casing on the use of the choice to choose the orange color, and the label on the color design of the transgression with orange or in Tehran, as a result, they use the fruit green, two color contrast this fish sausages in similar products consumers became the most popular products. In pattern design, neither. . . . . . not conformism. In artistic style, with national, the more the more worldwide. Such as the folk paper-cut or traditional silk pattern, or Chinese painting art, can use them. But not copying, must have a breakthrough. Creative innovation, mainly refers to the packaging carrier or process innovation. Carrier, green food packaging enterprises should pay attention to fashion. Process, mainly is the improvement process modelling, as well as the children's food packaging card tonghua, visualization. Anyway, if you want to achieve packaging in the promotion of the teaser, improve its charm, it must constantly innovation in the packing decoration design, constantly inject new cultural connotation, constantly enrich the new members of the family of packaging, new things, to improve the charm of this product in the consumers' mind, appeal, and then achieve the purpose of promotional products. The unprecedented development of economy, has brought great changes to people's life, people for & other; Beauty & throughout; Requirements more stringent, beautiful degree of packaging design are also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, rich individual character of the carton packaging design is becoming more and more get of broad consumer love.
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