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How to guarantee the quality of the cartons?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-08
2018 - 06 - 7 cartons are common in life, and now most of these are packed in cartons, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other external packing are all the cartons, small objects such as mobile phones, watches, wallets also basic packaging is carton. So it is important to the quality of the carton, he can see the quality of this product, is a matter of appearance, if you don't even pass the quality of the cartons will be damage to the goods inside the, can cause great influence to the carton factory, so how to guarantee the quality of the cartons? Want to ensure the quality of the cartons first will have a good production environment, maintain production workshop ventilated dry, clean health is the necessary condition to produce good carton, only to improve the quality of personnel in the can produce good products. To perform in strict accordance with the standard production process, and to the production equipment and raw materials to conduct a comprehensive inspection, avoid the use of inferior materials. Carton quality to monitor the production process, all of the nonconforming product is mostly random in the production process, as long as in the process of production well close monitoring measures, to guarantee the high quality product production. Baoding industrial cardboard composite factory has been set up fifteen years, from the ability of research and development to production and after sales are the company strictly control, reduce the production and avoid defective instruments' incomplete, annual production capacity of tens of thousands of tons, involving various packaging and printing field, such as high-grade gift boxes, phone boxes, folders, albums, etc. , now our company has cooperation with many famous companies at home and abroad, and in the development of overseas markets.
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