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How to distinguish the FSC single gray paper, FSC double gray cardboard and FSC all gray paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-08
FSC double gray paper is composed of a recycled paper production. Products are divided into single ash, double ash, total ash, belongs to the environmental protection packaging materials. Its derivative products are: packing boxes, advertising board, bags, hardcover books, receive a case, sample, lining board, plate, etc. Only one side of the FSC single gray paper is grey. Double ash is two sides is grey, but not inside. All the ash is surface and the inside is grey. FSC double gray cardboard and FSC all gray cardboard were of the same category, but the whole grey board paper core is gray, the better, the stiffness of the double difference between paper and all gray paper may surface is not big, but clothing tags or handbag products, the cut surface of the double gray cardboard clear intermediate is yellow, have off color, and the cut surface of the whole gray paper color. One, the FSC double gray cardboard 1, the size of the size is the first index of the cardboard quality standards. Sheet is quantity, the length and width of the roll paper quality, width, board size in mm. Cardboard allowed size deviation not more than + / - 3 mm. In addition to written specifications is important, because generally paper machine of paper has grain, grain direction is parallel and specifications of a size. Example: 889 * 1194 the grain direction is parallel with 1194, 800 * 980 and 980 is the grain direction of parallel, usually interpreted as lines along the long lines. 2, quantitative quantitative refers to the weight of each square meter area of the paper. Generally expressed in g / ㎡. Single gray paper, double gray cardboard and quantitative and deviation of the composite grey board is + 3% 5%. In 600 g, for example, its quantitative standards should be between 570 g ~ 618 g, 3, is refers to the cardboard thickness thickness between the measured surface on both sides by certain pressure ( When measuring the pressure of plus or minus 0. 1公斤) The thickness of the direct measurement. In mm or micro said. Single gray paper, double gray cardboard and the thickness of the composite grey board per 100 g 0. 155mm~0. 16毫米。 In 600 g, for example, its thickness of standard in 0. 0. 93mm~0. Between 96 mm. 4, water moisture is refers to the cardboard inside the water content of the fiber. Use % said. According to the cardboard GB standard order grey paper, a grey board 250 g ~ 1600 g moisture 8% ~ 9% compound double ash is 8% ~ 14% composite grey, white board 8% ~ 14% composite gray board 8% ~ 12% composite grey board 8% ~ 12%, the whole gray paper 1, advantages: FSC all gray cardboard paper smooth level off, good stiffness, not variant, no delamination, bending resistance, excellent adhesion paper core, in the domestic belong to the high-end cardboard, affordable 2, the thickness of the technical indicators: 0. 55 - 1. 55mm ( Is decided by the papermaking machine) 1. 6 - 10毫米( Determined by the single board) Material: 100 GSM = 0. 15 mm machine picture: 3, 400 - 3, 50mm 0. 55 - 1. 00 mm can produce for drum density: 0. 62 - 0. 65 gsm2, moisture ratio: 8% 12%, each tray tolerance: + / - 3% ( Absolute humidity)
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