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How to control the moisture of gray paper manufacturing need

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-28
A good product quality determines the future direction of the whole enterprise, in the contemporary information society, the survival and development of the enterprise is facing great challenge, there is no reasonable talent management system, there is no strong cultural background, the enterprise core competitive ability. International some grey board outside the moisture control in the range of 7% to 12%. To pay attention to in the production process, if the surface, at the bottom of the water, will incur gray paper surface at the bottom of the systolic pressure, and make the cardboard warping phenomenon. Warping uneven, of course, will also be influenced by forming department, squeezing the department operation, if the sheet forming is not good, don't squeeze dewatering average, plus the boring when is on the back of the water, will reduce the grey cardboard warping deformation. Especially when the moisture content lower than 7%, 'fired' phenomenon is easy to attack. So paper moisture is too low, the general control in 8% to 10% more appropriate, and is the nature of the paste on the back if can basic consistent, warping phenomenon will increase. But grey board paper moisture nor too high, the water beyond 12%, within the scope of the quantitative indicators, thickness and stiffness will reduce accordingly, in such conditions, four of the more important quality index of the gray paper can have three unqualified. Therefore in the process of production in addition to enhance water automatic control system maintenance and management, so as to enable the moisture in the online automatic control system runs stably, but also increase the quality of operation personnel assessment on management, human factors impacting the water change as far as possible, the quality requirements of the grey cardboard one-sided qualified.
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