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How to contact your after-sale service division?
In order to offer you the highest quality of after sales services, NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd has an after-sale service division to provide consultations and respond to inquiries from customers regarding all thick black cardboard issues. To take full advantage of customer comments, we communicate the advice received from after-sale service division and reflect it in the future services we provide. By incorporating the comments of our customers, we work to provide the highest satisfaction possible.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER has many years of comprehensive experience in the design and manufacture of gray board. We have the best knowledge base and highly acclaimed customer service. NEW BAMBOO PAPER focuses on providing a variety of coated duplex board for customers. The whole production process of NEW BAMBOO PAPER coated duplex board is completed by using sophisticated and modern machines in adherence to the industry set standards. The anti-curling design of the product allows for the smooth application. The product can withstand extreme temperatures. Regardless of the light-emitting components or the outer casing, all temperature-resistant materials are used to handle extreme temperature environments. The product has received positive feedback from customers from South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.

The goal of our company is to become a gray board supplier. Inquiry!
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