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How many people in NEW BAMBOO PAPER QC team?
There are several professionals in the QC team of NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd. They are responsible for the whole process production, from in-material test, semi-finished product test, finished-product quality test, and test before packaging and after packaging. They are a team well organized for each step. Every time you see along the production line, they would be there. In addition, they are equipped with advanced testing and monitoring devices. The combination of manual test and automated monitoring ensures that the pass rate of our product could reach over 99 percent.

Today, many companies trust NEW BAMBOO PAPER to manufacturing sturdy black board because we offer skill, craftsmanship, and a customer-oriented focus. NEW BAMBOO PAPER is mainly engaged in the business of what is black paper and other product series. The unique design makes NEW BAMBOO PAPER where to buy rolls of black paper stand out among similar products. The product features high surface strength that makes sure ink is effectively detached from the surface. The product will not accumulate too much heat. Its substrate used has improved heat dissipation, which greatly lowers the operating temperature. It meets various processing requirements such as printing and water-based coatings.

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