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How about NEW BAMBOO PAPER shipping services?
NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd renders professional shipping services. We have co-operated with reliable and experienced third-party-logistics companies to handle the shipping of our global business. And inside our company, we have established a mature shipment management system. Before the shipment, we carefully treat not only the printing of packing and shipping slips but also the various sizes of boxes or packages to avoid any shipping damage. More importantly, we always make sufficient communication with customers as to how their packages were shipped and when to expect it.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER has been deemed as one of the prestigious establishments in the black backing board manufacturing business in China. NEW BAMBOO PAPER is mainly engaged in the business of foil cake board and other product series. NEW BAMBOO PAPER black paper board comprised of high quality is designed with a variety of styles. The printed surface is durable and is not easily rub off during handling. The product features stable mechanical properties. The properties of the materials have been changed by heat treating and cooling treating. It is easy to write and print on since the surface absorbs the ink quickly.

Our ultimate goal is to become a globally recognized duplex board gsm supplier brand. Please contact us!
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