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HOT ash | plate mill reply don't rise in price will stop production

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-09
According to data monitoring business clubs, June 1, 140 grams of heavy corrugated base paper distributor for an average of 3050 yuan/ton, price by 15 to 3133. 33 yuan/ton, price increase to 2. 73%; On June 1, gray board paper factory for an average of 3150 yuan/ton, price is 3225 yuan/ton, as of 15 price rise 2. 38%. On June 12, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, fuyang city qing garden city comprehensive sewage treatment co. , LTD. , issued an emergency limit production of the notification. Notification, said of a qing dynasty garden sewage treatment company system abnormalities, is now unable to properly handle all nanotubes enterprise sewage, to avoid problems, the urgent recovery system, must reduce water loss. After company research decision requires that an enterprise the nanotubes on June 13, 2017 to shut down, stop by turns. The company will be closed during wheel nanotubes enterprises discharge valve. Among them, the grey board paper factory production in turn, has 11 papermaking enterprises involved in the enterprise. After the shutdown, the possibility of base paper price or will have to rise again. Culture paper at this stage in the off-season demand, according to the papermaking enterprises or will usher in the printing shop production peak season in July and in a short period of time in the future, or will also have a certain cultural paper prices space. According to the data monitoring business club, on June 14, grey board paper factory house commodity index for 107. 58, grey board is expected by the end of June there will be 1 - mill home commodity index Two points up space. Packing paper although not demand in peak season, but has repeatedly prices for base paper, on the one hand by waste paper, energy, chemical and other raw material and composite rising production costs, on the other hand, the stricter environmental protection, more spontaneous grey board paper factory production limit production, indirectly affects the base paper price from the production capacity.
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