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High moisture industrial cardboard processing method

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-26
Paper machine industrial gray paper moisture content high, it is need to treated with certain measures to reduce the moisture content, and some remedial method. If the high moisture of paper goods, also need to take certain measures. The following specific introduce for you. The industrial cardboard paper machine press roll grooves instead of squeezing roller, strengthen the wet sheet dehydration; Strengthen the dryer in the discharge of condensed water from steam dryer temperature increased; Also need to adjust the paper machine of the squeezing roller eccentricity; Strengthen the wet sheet in network of dehydration, can add a washing tank or increasing the vacuum degree. These are the processing method. If really happened, we can adopt some remedial measures, before the paper away from the dryer, add a blowing facilities. To the paper, to paper drying; Drying cylinder in and out of the paper before curling cylinder with a blower, then blow dry paper. Paper moisture content is high, the goods can take the following measures, the paper tile on the floor, use the sun to dry, attention should be paid to flatten the paper after dry, reoccupy oven to dry it.
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