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Grey Paper Board Manufacturing Process


Grey Paper Board is one of the most common types of paper and it is utilised within a variety of industries. This material is particularly beneficial due to the fact that it is resistant to tearing and it boasts an extremely high elasticity. So, this type of paper is often used for packaging purposes.

Another massive benefit is that the paper itself is environmentally friendly and it is therefore an ideal solution within modern times. In order to appreciate its benefits, let us take a quick look at the manufacturing process.

All-Natural Sources

One benefit of this paper board is that the raw materials are derived from numerous byproducts such as those produced by common forest maintenance and shavings from sawmills. In other words, materials that would otherwise be discarded are used to make this type of paper.

The Grey Paper Board Manufacturing Process

Similar to other paper products, the first step involves steaming, heating and subsequently cooking the wood chips within large ovens. These pressurised vessels are sometimes referred to as “digesters”. During this phase, the chips are essentially transformed into a pulp that is impregnated with various chemicals in order to increase its strength and flexibility. This pulp is then collected and washed in order to reduce the concentration of dissolved chemicals.

The next step is generally known as the recovery process. It involves further evaporating the chemicals used during the previous steps. Once again, the pulp will be washed before a bleaching agent is added (its colour is generally brown up until this stage). This also helps to remove any residual organic materials that may still be present within the solution. Finally, processing chemicals are added which are intended to enhance the physical qualities of the pulp. This pulp is then stored before being sent off to different paper-producing machines.

We should also note that nearly any type of fibre can be used; allowing the process to be one of the most efficient within the industry. The end products can likewise be bleached to achieve various tones and their pure white paper is more resistant to yellowing when compared to traditional blends.

Efficient and All-Natural Solutions

It should now be clear to appreciate why chooses to use Grey Board products. Not only are these materials extremely durable, but the fact that they are also environmentally friendly should never be taken lightly.

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