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Grey board using common problems

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-30
A, which USES gray paper mainly can do? A: gray paper are suitable for making the hardcover books, and books is exquisite packaging, can also do photo frame backplane, including some folders, which are frequently used to our daily cosmetics box, receive a case for jewelry and other small objects, as well as some of our common shopping bags and other products packaging and so on. Second, the grey board and white board paper? A: grey board the whole is grey. The whiteboard is grey white flour. Third, gray paper used to print? A: can be printed, but the printing effect is not enough white board paper. Four, gray paper framed specialty paper why the fold? Answer: 1. Machine doesn't work. 2. The paper is too thin. 3. If it is in the south, glossy paper is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. 4. Card to the card machine, for mounting. Five, the double grey board and gray paper have distinction? A: gray paper including, single grey paper, double gray paper, grey paper; That is double grey paper is a kind of grey board. Six, buy gray paper need to pay attention to what? Answer: 1, with the hand touch the surface of gray paper, ensure its smooth and no fold. 2, check whether the gray paper surface is uneven or black spots, etc. , to ensure the quality of grey board. 3, ensure the gray paper higher technological level, not peel or impurities. 4, ensure the gray paper color, uniform thickness, in terms of neatness, thickness accord with a standard to ask.
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